Earth, Water, Fire, Wind

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind ~ Our connection to Mother Earth

By Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)

This new and exciting book offers a deep understanding of how each of the four elements play an essential role in the health and purpose of our planet.  We will learn how interdependent they are to one another and how each element represents itself in the human being. With the knowledge of who we are, what gifts we have within us and how we are connected to this Sacred planet of ours and the elements that sustain Her, we can better understand how to communicate with and learn from the natural world.

you have the ability to create the world you want to live in

Within these pages I hope to reignite a deep and resounding sense of connection to the Sacred, to Mother Earth in all Her wondrous splendor and to your own beautiful and purposeful self. You are much greater than you know, you are a literal spark of the Devine, a child of this earth and a brother and sister to all life that resides here. My hope is to reawaken the sleeping wisdom that lives within you so that you remember you are not separate from Mother Earth, but a very real part of Her. The elements that create, move, shape and change our planet also live within you! You have a purpose, you have a passion and you have the ability to create the world you want to live in.

The Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Wind live within you!

Reviews for ‘Earth, Water, Fire, Wind’…

“When I met Little Grandmother Kiesha, I could recognize on her the voice of ancestors expressed in a soft and loving message where Earth and Heaven can be manifested in this existence. To be strong, kind and wise is the path to follow, and this new book by Kiesha will guide you to new discoveries in your life.”

Mallku Aribalo, Andean spiritual Master

“To meet Little Grandmother Kiesha was like meeting a sister. She is a part of our family and will always be connected to our hearts here in Columbia. Her message, her teachings and her way of being gives us great happiness and hope that others will listen and reconnect to the Sacred Mother Earth. We will work together and be connected always in order to teach how to help restore, protect and care for our Mother Earth”.

Roberto and Marianna, Kogi Mamos

“Little Grandmother embraces, with true dedication the mission that was given to her by her ancestors: to be the messenger of Mother Earth. She is traveling all around the world to remind us the importance of loving and caring for our Mother Earth. The essence of Little Grandmother’s message is that mother earth is a living being and that she is one with an amazing and ever changing web of life. Little Grandmother reminds us that mother earth is our great teacher and that each and every human being and all that exists is related to her.”

Signe Katrine Måsø, Saami Grandmother

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind
List Price $21
ISBN 978-90-9030186-0
Published 2017 by Earth Mother Publishing Santa Fe, NM
Trade Paperback, 262 pp

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