Message for the Tribe
of Many Colors

By Little Grandmother (Kiesha Crowther)
Edited by Jennifer Ferraro

Humanity now stands on the threshold of an immense spiritual transformation that has been prophesied to come at this time on Earth by almost all ancient and indigenous cultures. This unique and much-awaited book – by one of the most inspiring young female voices for change on the planet – will open your heart and your eyes to the deep mysteries of existence.

Message for the
Tribe of Many Colors

List Price $21
ISBN 978-0-9836964-0-7
Published 2011 by
Earth Mother Publishing
Santa Fe, NM
Trade Paperback, 230 pp

Through moving personal memoir and prophetic revelation, Little Grandmother shares teachings and visions directly given to her by her spirit guides and Mother Earth. She shows how the key to ascending with Mother Earth into a higher state lies hidden in our own hearts, in the remembrance of who we really are.

In these pages are simple but powerful keys to our spiritual evolution at this time, and visions of the profound changes in store for the Earth and humanity in the coming years. Born of a deep personal relationship with Mother Earth and Spirit, the message is a passionate call for humanity to awaken and unify our hearts as one “tribe of many colors” – as the children of Mother Earth. By remembering what we once knew as human beings and by returning to our hearts we can change our future and shift into something more beautiful than we ever imagined.

The purpose of this book is to re-ignite a deep remembrance within you of who you really are. Those of you reading this are much greater than you know. You are the ones who will change the world, the strongest of the strong souls who chose to come to planet Earth at this time of highest stakes, before Mother’s great shift…

Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother,” began receiving direct teachings from the spirit world and Mother Earth as a child who spent much time alone in the wilderness. She was recognized and initiated as shaman at age 30 and has since been travelling the world doing healing ceremonies for Mother Earth and sharing the messages and teachings she has been given for the benefit of humanity.

Her talks, freely available on the web on YouTube and Vimeo, have been viewed by millions of people all over the world. Little Grandmother frequently travels, giving talks and workshops. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Tribe of Many Colors”
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